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Are You For Real?

Knockoff BKFs

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness. - Oscar Wilde.

Don't fall for the okey doke!

Dear friends, supporters, and enthusiasts of the Black Karate Federation,


Unfortunately, the BKF is not immune to identity theft and knockoffs.  It pains us to say, it has come to our attention that there are organizations and individuals representing themselves as the Black Karate Federation/BKF or as affiliated with the Black Karate Federation/BKF (hereafter referred to only as the “BKF”) that, in reality, have no relationship with the Black Karate Federation or Steve Muhammad.  Further, they trick others into believing they are part of the BKF by using Steve Muhammad’s name, his photos, his videos, and his intellectual property (the name Black Karate Federation, BKF, and the well-known BKF logo) on their website and in their business name. In fact, some even go as far as to create merchandise (clothing, patches, and certificates to name a few) containing this intellectual property and sell/promote it to their students and the public for their own personal gain.   


Sadly, there are people who have received promotion certificates that have the name Black Karate Federation and/or the BKF logo on them by these people and organizations and the recipients are truly unknown to Steve Muhammad, the Black Karate Federation, and any regional representative of the Black Karate Federation as appointed by Steve Muhammad.  In fact, these people are not part of the Black Karate Federation as they were led to believe, have phony promotional certificates not recognized by Steve Muhammad or the BKF, and are wearing knockoff patches and gear.  Stress not and be deceived no longer!  You can verify if your instructor or organization is acknowledged and recognized by Steve Muhammad and the real BKF by visiting our BKF Members page. 


We appreciate your support and the love you have for the integrity of the BKF, Steve Muhammad, and his intellectual property.  The BKF logo is a Federally registered trademark owned by Steve Muhammad.  There is no acceptable use of the BKF logo for its registered goods and services without Steve Muhammad’s approval.  Otherwise, the use is a sham, the products are a sham, and the person using it is a sham.  It is not flattering to have people (like instructors) and organizations trying to represent themselves as something they are not.  Being a member and/or representative of the Black Karate Federation takes more than stealing its identity and marketing it as you own.  Again, if someone tells you they are with the BKF, you can verify that for yourself and we encourage you to. 


You can help reveal bogus use of the BKF!  If you have questions, want to join the BKF, or want to report any suspected improper use of the BKF name or trademarks, please contact us.


Sincerely yours in the martial sciences, 


Steve Muhammad

And the Black Karate Federation family

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